Stuff We Sell

Bikes are the cornerstone of our business. There is no other piece of equipment we labour more over then the purchasing of bikes – it is our name after all. Bikes have evolved so much in the past few years. Mountainbikes alone have subdivided into 5 categories; road bikes into 3; and hybrids to 5. How can you keep it straight? What bike is right for you? While our Obsession is bikes, our focus is you. It’s not a cliché, we mean it.

We listen. We want to understand what YOU need, after all, it’s your new bike not ours. We talk to you about where you want to ride, what you want your bike to do, how much bike you want and then we will offer you choices from the best manufacturers in the world: Trek, Ibis, Look, Scott, Pivot, and Marinoni.

We will work hard to find the ultimate bike for you!