BC Bike Race

The ultimate single track experience.

Dean Payne, president of BC Bike race, came to us in 2006 with a request; “Can you bring your service standards and commitment to excellence to my bike race?” Wow what a challenge! We had been working and reworking our service department for 7 years trying to get it to be a well-oiled machine. Could we bring this to a 7-day moving mountain bike race? The logistics questions were staggering. In the end we brought our best resource—our people and our system—to the event, loaded a trailer with what we thought would be needed. Called in some bike friends from Oak Bay Bikes and Kurt Flaman from Freedom Bikes in Penticton. In the end we fixed every bike on time and did not prevent anyone from completing the event. A couple of nights went late but we got it done. We are now into year 5 and have learned an incredible amount about high end XC bikes and bring this knowledge to work everyday.

If mountain biking is your thing check out the link www.bcbikerace.com sign up and go for it !