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From this evaluation, and a discussion with you, we generate a service plan: determining what services to perform and what parts to replace based upon your performance expectations, budget, timeline and parts availability.

Front to back, top to bottom: 

- Headset play or roughness that affects turning the handlebars.

- Stem is properly aligned and secure.

- Front and rear tire wear, alignment, pressure and possible damage.

- Front wheel for hub play, spoke tension, rim spins true and doesn't show major signs of brake wear.

- Front and rear skewer/nuts/thru-axle are properly adjusted.
- Front fork for damage, bushing play, alignment and/or movement.
- Front and rear brake caliper alignment and/or movement.

- Front and rear brake pad wear.

- Grips/bar tape for wear.
- Brake levers are aligned, secure and properly adjusted.

- Shifters are aligned, secure and properly adjusted.

- Front derailleur alignment, movement and adjustment.

- Water bottle cages are secure.

- Seatpost clamp is not too loose or tight that it will affect dropper seatpost performance.

- Saddle alignment and possible damage.

- Bottom bracket play or roughness that affects rotating the crankarms.
- Pedals for axle movement or if they are broken.
- Kickstand is properly aligned and secure.

- Frame doesn't have any cracks, suspension linkage play or alignment issues.

- Rear suspension wear, damage or movement.

- Rear wheel for hub play, spoke tension, rim spins true & doesn't show major signs of brake wear, cassette and/or freehub body are tight.
- Chain wear, damage and/or stiff links.
- Cassette and chainring teeth for excessive wear and damage.
- Rear derailleur alignment, movement and adjustment.
- Cables and housing condition that will affect brakes and gears performance.

- General overview of attached accessories such as: racks, bags, lock, fenders, computers and magnets etc...


Sometimes accidents happen but most times it is fairly easy to predict when a bike needs a repair. Poor gear shifts, brakes fade, weird load-based creaks, suddenly stiff suspension are all clues that the bike is screaming “FIX ME!!”


You love riding your bike so having it sit around waiting for a repair is not fun. We operate “Service by Appointment” with the aim to complete your repair within 24 hours of its appointed time. In some cases we deem that the repair can be completed in 20 minutes so we will do it on the spot.


Have a look at your schedule and let us know when you would like your bike repaired, we will get it done right, right on time. Contact us and we will book in the repair and the bike will be returned repaired and on time almost always within 24 hours.*


*Although we stock thousands of parts, due to the unique nature of bicycles we may have to extend the completion date while we work to acquire the necessary parts. Be assured, we will let you know if this happens so alternate plans can be arranged.


Bikes are endemically flawed. Sorry but it’s true. Bikes are light weight, used hard, put away wet. We know this so we prescribe preventative maintenance. This is our profession (and obsession) — we are experts and we are passionate about doing things right.


Regular consults with our service technicians will actually save you money. For instance we always measure an incoming bikes’ chain for stretch. A stretched chain will destroy a drivetrain. Chains are less expensive than drivetrains. Changing the chain saves you money.


Did you know that the rear shock on your bike is likely worth $650-$800. Servicing it costs $129-$180. They need to be serviced every 50-75 hours of use. One bearing for the linkage of your bike costs $10, all of them $150+. One damaged bearing in a linkage bike will damage the remaining ones. Fixing the damaged one saves the others.


These are the hard numbers but it’s the truth, getting a bike in before it breaks saves you money, besides they always run better after a tune. Our service technicians are here to help.