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About Us


Obsession: Bikes was built out of the experiences of James Wilson as he has transitioned through a lifetime of bikes. Like most kids his first bike was a hand-me-down and though he was about the 5th owner, he nonetheless gained from the most basic of freedoms that really only a bicycle can give. His range went from a few kilometers around his childhood home to ultimately searching the world for the best single track trails.


Following ten years of distance running James discovered mountainbike racing and has never looked back. BC Cup Champion XC and a Silver Medal at the Nationals could be viewed as high points but it was really the community that James found so endearing.


As a sales rep for one of the most respected companies in the biz at Outdoor Gear Canada, James learned the ropes in the bike business and saw first-hand many of the good and bad lessons of others. In 2000 James partnered with long time bike shop owners Paul Sim and his wife Leslie Smith to create Dizzy Cycles and in 2006 after purchasing the store renamed it Obsession: Bikes.


James and long-time friend Matt Warburton were riding up Mt. Fromme. Matt was tasked to assist in rebranding Dizzy following James’ purchase. Many store names had been bandied about but none had stuck.

“What is with the bike business?!” was the theme as the sweat was beginning to pour. James was floating the idea that a general lack of integrity was the culprit as was an all-out lack of professionalism, shoddy repairs, poor training, poor appointment systems and flawed parts supply. Hearing enough of this (and gasping for air) Matt proclaimed, “You’re bloody obsessed!” That was it, Obsession: Bikes was born.

It is true we are Obsessed with bikes, therefore the greater truth is we are obsessed with service too. It may your spot repair, a major overhaul, bike fitting – our standards remain the highest.


We pledge to Do it Right. Right on Time.


It is said that a business is only as good as its people and this team is the best. The common thread is that we want you to love cycling as much as we, the Obsession crew do. We will do everything we can to make your pride and joy run its best, to ensure that your next bike will match your needs perfectly and when it comes to fitting that bike — pour into the details. We truly want to help you find your next ride. You deserve great service and it is our pledge to make it so.