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Warranty Policy

Different manufacturers have different warranty policies regarding their products. Please check the different manufacturer’s warranty policies to know more about what they include:

Though each manufacturer has different policies regarding warranty, they usually only apply to defects in manufacturing. This means that regular wear and tear and/or user error are not subjected to a warranty process. If you are unsure if your item is subject to warranty or not, please contact so we can take a look at it first and point you in the right direction. Please be mindful of our time and do not submit warranty claims for baseless items – in this case we will charge an $18 warranty processing charge.

If we determine that the item is indeed subject of warranty, we can help you submit the claim. We can’t promise a satisfactory response since this is up to the manufacturers and their warranty team. But we plead to do anything in our hand to offer a solution of compromise, being replacing the product at our cost, offering you a discount in a new item or an in-store credit for other items.

To process a warranty we will need the original receipt or you will need to have an account at the store showing the original transaction. Note that in-store accounts are not merged with online accounts immediately – we try to do this as fast and accurately as possible, so please add the same information used in your in-store account when creating an account online so we can track your purchases easily in case you don’t have the physical receipt.

Exclusion of liability

At Obsession Bikes we endeavor to offer the highest standards in both our bike builds and our service.

All our bikes are put together by professional mechanics, using a long checklist to make sure all our builds are up to standard, and all of them are checked at least 3 times by our service team: when the bike build is finalized; when we receive it at the store after leaving our warehouse/storage; and a new bike check before it goes to its new home.

In the case of bikes that need to be shipped, we build them to the same highest standard. Then we add all the necessary accessories and added labour (protective wrap, tubeless set up…) and pack it up again so it ships safely to its new home. We take pictures of the process that we keep for 30 days in case there’s any dispute in how a bike left the store. This ensures that once the bike gets to its destination and gets put together again, any potential problems with its re-build are not the responsibility of Obsession Bikes.

When a bike comes in for a service, our Service Writers make sure to assess and explain to the customer the work that needs to be done. Then our team of mechanics will work to ensure the best quality results in the repairs. We decline responsibility:

  • If a customer declines part of the work that is deemed necessary by the Service Writer and then the non-worked part fails
  • If it’s been more than 30 days from the day of pick-up

If you have any concerns about the quality of the work performed, please email or call us 604-985-2213 (Lonsdale) / 604-973-1837 (Esplanade) so the repairs can be reassessed by our team.

Please note that we’re only able to provide a credit on labour if anything needs to be reworked on and is deemed by the service manager as our fault. Any new parts that need to be replaced will be charged as usual. Also note that some repairs, like a flat repair, can go wrong again the minute you leave the store (maybe you step out to a nail in the floor and get a flat again). We deny any responsibility in these cases.

Bike registration

Every bike has a unique serial number. This serial # is usually located in the bottom bracket area or the bike, or on the underside of the downtube on electric bikes with mid-drive motors. Even though a lot of manufacturers also include a more readable sticker with the number and a bar code, the serial # of the bike is engraved on the material so even if parts are changed or the bike is disassembled it can still be traceable.

We keep track of all the serial numbers from the bikes that we have sold in-store or online. These serial #’s are attached to your customer profile. In case you ever need to submit a warranty claim for your bike, you will need this information – feel free to reach us at so we can find it for you.

We also recommend registering your bike for safety purposes (in case it gets lost or stolen). In Canada and the US the biggest database that works in close contact with the police is Registration is free and could be helpful to recover your bike; we highly encourage to register as soon as you get your new bike and add as much information as possible.