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Shimano SH-ME700 Shoes


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Product Overview

Striking a balance between XC lightness and enduro durability is no easy task, but Shimano is up to the challenge with its SH-ME7 Men's Cycling Shoes. They give all-mountain/enduro riders a lightweight option with ample protection and traction, without sacrificing responsiveness on the pedals. The SH-M2E7 achieves its streamlined fit and consistent power transfer courtesy of its synthetic upper and stiff sole, which earns a rating of 8/12 on Shimano's stiffness index. Shimano also adds a protective panel over the shoe's speed lacing, with a ratchet buckle up top to put the final touch on its customized fit. When you do start pedaling, a reinforced heel stabilizer holds your foot in place, ensuring you don't lose any power on challenging ascents, while the shoe's elevated, stretch-neoprene collar protects vulnerable ankle bones from errant debris. And for the times technical terrain necessitates a dismounting, the lugged rubber outsole provides reliable grip over rocks, roots, and pitchy traverses.